Ninth House


Book title: Ninth House

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Pub date: Oct 8, 2019

Genre: Adult fantasy

CONGRATULATIONS to the Goodreads 2019 readers choice- adult fantasy winner!

“This is why he had done it, not because of guilt or pride but because this was the moment he’d been waiting for: the chance to show someone else wonder, to watch them realize that they had not been lied to, that the world they’d been promised as children was not something that had to be abandoned, that there really was something lurking in the wood, beneath the stairs, between the stars, that everything was full of mystery.”

I could not put this book down. Shower? food? sleep? who needs those silly things! Not me, not while reading this book! To be fair, this book will not be for everyone, there are a fair amount of trigger warnings in this book. Rape, drug use/overdose, possession, sexual assault of a minor. HOWEVER, if you like extremely dark, gory fantasy novels with a dash of occult magic here, and a dusting of murder and conspiracy….you have found your book.

The thing that I loved about this book is that Alex Stern’s world is no different than our own, until she discovers Yale’s secret societies, and their hidden worlds of magic and intrigue. All of the societies in the book are based on real secret societies at Yale, which I found to be not only super awesome, but incredibly interesting. The spin Bardugo puts on these societies is FANTASTIC, and on a basic level, what I have honestly always thought happens in any secret club. MAGIC!!!!

While this book will not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think for Bardugo’s first adult fantasy novel, she smashed it! I loved every twist, and believe me, they keep coming until the very last sentence. If you want a dark, atmospheric, magical fantasy with a strong heroine….TADA, this is it!

I am ready for the sequel, the movie, the hype. I’m ready for it all. Let’s talk about this book!

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