Hold Your Breath


Book title: Hold Your Breath

Author: B P Walter

Pub date: April 2, 2020

Genres: mystery, fiction

goodreads 5 stars

She holds my gaze for a couple of seconds, then presses on. ‘What you say in this interview will be recorded. We will take into account what you tell us today when we decide whether to pursue formal arrest and any potential criminal charges. You have not brought any legal representation with you, and I believe you declined the offer of a solicitor to be appointed for you?”

I nod again. “yes.”

She produces a folder from her bag under the desk. ‘I trust you have an idea as to why you’re here?’ It’s said like a question, and she raises her eyebrows at me.

‘I do. i’m here because…’ I take a deep breath, trying to stop my speech becoming shaky, ‘because of what happened in the woods, All those years ago.”

“Hold Your Breath” by BP Walter was my first 5 star book of 2020! I devoured every twisted, scary, heartbreaking morsel of this book in two days!

I absolutely loved this book for so many reasons. This book is written from the perspective of a 10 year old girl, named Kitty. The story starts with a string of emails to now grown Kitty from detectives investigating a horrible accident that happened many years ago when her father took her and her mother to a ‘rustic’ cabin in the woods for a short holiday. I was immersed in Kitty’s world. It was herd to read such a deeply heartbreaking story from the perspective of such a young girl, but I was hooked on the first chapter.’

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and just when I thought everything had fallen into place, there was a another little twist. It was fantastic!

If you love twisty mystery thrillers, you will love this book!

About the author:

B P Walter was born and raised in Essex, England. After spending his childhood and teenage years reading compulsively, he worked in bookshops then went to the University of Southampton to study Film and English followed by an MA in Film & Cultural Management. He is an alumni of the Faber Academy and currently works in social media coordination for the book retailer Waterstones in London.

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Goodreads link- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18366746.B_P_Walter?from_search=true